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Places to Visit in Myanmar


Yangon was until 2005 for 120 years the Capital of Myanmar with today nearly 6 millions population. Colonial style buildings downtown, the massive Buddhist monument of Shwedagon Pagoda, old-timer cars and Chevrolet buses, trishaws, friendly street vendors, smiling people and the greenery of the town make Yangon an exotic city in South East Asia. Besides, there are quiet and peaceful lakes such as Kandawgyi and Inya Lake within the town.

It is an eye-catching place for those who love shopping. Various kinds of gems and jewelries, man-made artifacts, any kinds of traditional fabrics, galleries, lacquer wares and souvenirs are sold there.

Shwedagon PagodaLocated just a bit north of downtown it is the masterpiece site for visiting Myanmar. The myths and legends of the Pagoda tell that it was built 2,500 years ago. The present structure was erected in the 15th Century. Though the stupa is about 100 m height, the elegant proportion is still a model for Architects today. As one of the most famous Buddhist monuments, one can see almost all of Buddhists activity in this place. The stupa is gold covered, there are said to be valuable gems on top. The bells within the “umbrella” on top chime in the wind. The atmosphere is very nice early morning or late afternoon. You can walk around the stupa, many buildings for religious purposes are set around. The stairways leading to the stupa are all lined with small shops, selling mainly religious items used for worshipping.



Centrally located in the downtown area, Sule Pagoda was built over 2000 years ago. It is an octagonal shaped stupa and people believe that Buddha's relics are enshrined there.

Religious freedom can be noticed by seeing a mosque and a church around Sule area.

A large reclining Buddha Image is housed under a metal roof. Built in the year 1908, it is about 70 m in length. When the image was built, the glass eyes were an outstanding work of art. Small souvenirs shops besides the pagoda are also a lovely place to visit. In addition to the reclining Buddha Image, one should not miss to see daily life of monks in near monasteries.

It is a newly built museum and has five stories. Arts of Myanmar writing, manuscripts, palace models and the throne of last Myanmar’s king are exhibited on the ground floor. On first floor, royal regalia, the records from pre-historic age of Myanmar, and picture of stupas and temples from Bagan are shown. Myanmar traditional arts and crafts, rural life, and traditional musical instruments are shown on the second floor. Myanmar’s’ paintings, clothing, gems and jewelry, Buddha images and costumes of various tribes are exhibited on the third and fourth floor respectively.

One who loves to see handmade glassware should not miss this small family run “factory”. The place is situated 30 minutes from downtown and is a place worth to visit and well known amongst all the expatriates. The glassware is made from recycled glass, products are relatively fragile. Drinking glasses and decoration items are produced on order. It is a lovely craft from the past few decades and memorable place to visit in a stunning jungle-like garden with glass everywhere. Bring mosquito-repellent!

Since a while production was halted however, as the owner could not afford rising energy prices for the ovens. It is anyway worth a visit for its surrounding!

Visit this area where you get the odors of Chinese spices and many stalls on the road sell their sometimes exotic food and grocery. There are some Chinese temples. Recommendable time to stroll around is in the evening when the area is packed with street vendors and pedestrians.



Trading on fishery products is done in this market including freshly caught fishes and others aquatic animals. It is a place where one can see people's daily life. Not many tourists visit this typical (and in times smelly) local fish market in the Kyimyindaing township, 15 minutes drive from downtown.








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