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About us

Our Office location Map

Who is behind Fascinating Land Travels?
We are friends with very different backgrounds. The love for the country Myanmar, her fascinating people and sceneries unite us since 2003.

Some Myanmar people and a German are behind Fascinating Land Travels.

Michael Pfeiffer

I am German and have been living and working in Myanmar since 1996. Before establishing a travel agency in Yangon, I used to work for a large multinational company.
I fell in “love” with the country Myanmar and her people from the first day. Frequently traveling in Myanmar as a tourist, I knowing first hand, what international guests expect from a good travel agent.


What is our aim?
Individual tours, tailor-made to the desires of our guests, traveling as individuals or in small groups. Share with us your ideas and wishes  and we will design a journey especially for you.
Do you want to see as much as possible or do you want take it slow and really take in the culture, the people and the country Myanmar? Do you prefer luxury or do not mind simplicity and the local ambient?

We will be glad to arrange flight- or hotel bookings only, if clients do not have a need for a complete package.

It is important for us to know if you have any physical limitations. Not everybody likes to take 18 hours rides on a local bus on bumpy roads.
The more you tell us, the more we can respond to your wishes to ensure that you will really have that vacation of your dreams.

You can choose from our standard itineraries but we will gladly modify them according to your wishes, or organize trips totally individually for you.

We will only be content, when our guests at the end of their journey say, that they have experienced the real Myanmar thoroughly.
Tourists to Myanmar by no means should expect infrastructure similar to their home-countries. We give you honest advice about the different options, with advantages and disadvantages. If a trip on a bumpy road will likely take 5 hours, we will advise you accordingly!

Our emphasis is on providing excellent services at fair prices. We do not want to sell you the cheapest option but the one best fitting your needs. We know there are very cheap German language tour guides available. Unfortunately, we also know you won’t be able to understand them!
Our ultimate goal is for our guests to return to their home country with great memories and impressions, and in the future returning themselves or recommending us to their friends.

Our desire is to acquaint you with this beautiful country and help you explore her secrets, deep forests, and primitive ethnic groups, still little known in the outside world.

Why the name “Fascinating Land”?
Although many people in the outside world know the country Myanmar or Burma by name, very few know much about this country. Most tourists arrive, not knowing what to expect. Despite that, not long after their arrival, most visitors are fascinated by the country, her people and the sights.







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No. 102, Kha Yay Pin Yeik Mon 1st Road, Mingaladon Township,
Yangon, Myanmar
Tel. / Fax. : (++95 1) 637 717
Mobile Tel.: (++95 9) 970 661 356, 773 321 434 or 421 040 824
Website: www.fascinating-land-travels.com

Last Updated : 09 May 2018