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Places to Visit in Myanmar

Bago (Pegu)

It is a 1.5 hours drive North of Yangon. Bago offers many pagodas and is a stop on the road to Mandalay. There are many small “factories”, from rolling cheroot (local cigars, done by young girls in incredible speed) to bamboo basket manufacturing and weaving.
Some areas in town get regularly flooded in the rainy season, especially during full moon days, when the roads and paths are used as canals for canoes.
If one plans to go to Bagan anyway, a visit to Bago probably is not a must.

SHWEMADAW PAGODAShwemawdaw Pagoda is located on a small hill overlooking the whole town.
The Mon style Pagoda was built with different kinds of umbrellas. The frescos are also different from Burmese style Pagodas. The upper level of the Pagoda was rebuilt in 1930 because of an earthquake.

Shwethalyaung features a huge reclining Buddha Statue in an open hall. On the sole of Buddha’s feet are 108 features of Lord Buddha. Among the reclining Buddha Images, this Image is said to be an alive-like reclining Buddha Image.

There are native birds and also migrating birds and therefore best time to visit this swamp-land is in the cool season (November - end of January) Moeyungyi is about 30 minutes drive north of Bago, close to the road to Mandalay.
There is a lodge on the shores, providing simple but cozy accommodation. Only few tourists visit Moeyungyi.



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